Sunday, November 27, 2011

HGTV - Curb Appeal the Block

I'm returning to blogging to share about our upcoming and exciting adventure with HGTV's Curb Appeal the Block. My neighbors and I submitted a video for a contest to win a Curb Appeal Make-over for our block. You can see the video my super creative neighbor put together...


We were told we were finalist and they were coming to tape on Saturday morning at 8:00am. We thought they'd be here for a few hours to do basic interviews and then get to back us. When they arrived, we went over the schedule for the day and they planned interviews until 1:00pm. After an hour and a half of interviews, they asked 'One factor we use to select our winners is how excited they get when we announce they have won. Show how you would act?' Knowing that I'm generally the over the top loud and crazy one...I did just that. (So I'm not looking forward to watching myself during that part of the show.) As we were fake jumping and screaming, John Gidding, the host of the show drives up and announces that we are winners. SHOCKED! Seriously in a nationwide contest...we were chosen.
About that time the other neighbors started to figure out what was going on...and came out to get pictures. (They knew we had entered and were being taped for finalist.)
This is the crew heading to my house to talk about our upcoming make-over...
John is making fun the size of my little tree that I planted...trees grow, right?

Amy (in green), Amanda (in black), me and John walking back to my neighbors end of the block.
Amy and Amanda live next door to each other.
The whole film crew...
This contest was in association with Rachael Ray...this was us taping for her show and waving to her.
John and Sam talking about the plans for our house...with Beau too.

HGTV says they picked us because of our outstanding sense of community. If you talk to me often...then you'll hear me talk about my neighbors. They are awesome! We play pokeno together, we have a playgroup, we do things in the community together, we cook for each other...and just generally care for each other. I'm so glad to have good friends to share in this experience. Moving to this neighborhood was an answer to prayer. We moved after the babies were born and they have been so accepting of my family...when I needed good mommy friends.

John has been out to Texas once since the first day (w/o camera)...he took pictures and drew some. We don't get to see any design until the cameras are back sometime in January. At this point...all the taping and work on the house is planned for January with the shows to air in late Spring or Summer of 2012. It's quite exciting...and a little overwhelming. I'll let you know when the shows will air and how the progress goes along the way.

And hopefully I'll get around to a kid related post soon.

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